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Plurigestion SA

We are an independent asset management company created in 1980, regulated by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (ASG) and authorised to operate by the Commission for Close Supervision of Occupational Pension Funds (CHS PP).

May, 22nd 2017 - News : Patrick Héritier becomes the new CEO of Plurigestion SA. More détails on the press relase here under.

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Asset management

The focus of our attention is the needs of the customer Your wealth inventory composed of, among other things, your family and tax situation, your assets, your personal and property income, your current and future commitments, your needs and performance expectations will guide us as to your investor profile. Global investment strategy is particularly determined by global growth, changes in interest rates, the influence of exchange rates, geopolitics and market confidence. Your specific expectations as to the management of your assets, combined with our perception of the economic environment...
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